How to avoid baby lion on a leash in Canada

A newborn baby lion in Canada has been caught on video in a park and taken to hospital for a medical checkup.

A photo posted by The Wildlife Conservation Society (@wildlife_cons) on Dec 4, 2017 at 8:21pm PST A mother lion cub was seen by park visitors in the park on Monday, Nov. 20.

The cub was not wearing a protective collar or tracking collar, but was in good health and looked “fine,” according to a statement from the Canadian Wildlife Service.

The lion was captured on video by a park visitor and transported to a veterinary clinic.

It is not known if it is the same lion that attacked a baby lion cub in Quebec in October 2017.

The lion is not believed to be a resident of the province.

The incident comes as Canada struggles with an influx of cubs and lions from Africa.