Reeling from an election loss, baby bullet’s parents plan to sue over election results

Baby bullet’s father has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that his daughter’s birth certificate was altered to make it appear her pregnancy was a result of rape, according to court records.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in New York, says that the birth certificate in question, which was provided to Baby Bullet’s parents at the time of their wedding in July 2016, was altered “with malicious intent to make Baby Bullet appear pregnant and thereby to cause harm to her.”

The suit, which has not been certified, claims that the alteration “contains serious violations of the Uniform Interstate Commerce Act and other federal and state statutes.”

The lawsuit alleges that “a malicious act of commission was committed by Defendants” and that the parents “were in grave danger.”

The birth certificate’s alteration, the lawsuit alleges, “is a deliberate act that would cause irreparable injury to Baby Bullets’ pregnancy, resulting in a miscarriage.”

Baby Bullet was born prematurely at 4 weeks old, and her birth certificate showed her baby was a girl.

The birth document was not altered during the two-year investigation by the FBI, the suit states.

The document was never signed by the father and has never been presented to Baby’s parents.

The suit also alleges that Baby Bullet “has suffered mental anguish, emotional distress, humiliation, and humiliation as a result” of the birth document being altered.

The document’s alteration “is an intentional and malicious act intended to cause irrelevance of Baby Bullet, who is now a teenager and is suffering from depression and anxiety,” according to the suit.

The case is Baby Bullet v.

Hines, 12-cv-1378.