When Nicki Minaj’s Baby Dolls Came to Life

Nicki, her baby doll “Dolly,” and her boyfriend Jay Z have taken to social media to share their excitement at the birth of their first child.

Nicki and Jay shared their excitement on Instagram after the baby was born.

Nicki Minaja Baby Doll #Dolly #BabyDogs #Dolls #BabyBaby pic.twitter.com/p2mJnXjz9h — Jay Z (@JayZ) February 2, 2018BabyDoll #Dolls is a hashtag started by Nicki in 2016 to share her excitement over her baby’s birth.

Nicky is also a baby name and baby dolls are often referred to as dolls.

Baby Dolls are not dolls and are not related to the doll trend.

They are the real thing and not a baby’s doll.

The dolls come from the real world and are used to entertain children and parents alike.