‘The most adorable girl in the world’: Woman finds stuffed baby inside of baby walking shoes

A “haunting” story about a woman who found a stuffed baby in a walking shoe inside her baby walking bag has been shared on Facebook.

The photo of the stuffed baby was posted by a user called “Haley” who posted the story to Facebook on Friday.

The post shared by Haley describes what happened next.

The woman said she was walking her dog in the parking lot of the Walgreens at a Walgops in Westchester, New York, when she came across the baby in the shoe.

The baby’s name was “Baby Doe.”

She said it had a big head and a big mouth.

She said the baby looked like it could eat a burger.

She asked if the baby had a name.

The man asked if she knew how to identify a baby.

The woman said yes, and that’s when she saw a baby walking in the walking shoe.

She then asked him if he could help her put the baby into a walking boot.

The Walgins said in a statement that they are “horrified and deeply saddened” by the tragic and tragic circumstances surrounding this incident and that they have offered their sincere condolences to the family.

Haley wrote in her post that the baby’s mom told her that the mother had a baby and that she couldn’t keep it, so she brought the baby to the Walgreen’s.

The couple said they have three children together and were looking forward to having them take the baby back to their home.