A Black baby is walking with its mom on her birthday

A black baby walking on its mother’s birthday is the latest thing to happen to Black parents.

A mother who was born in Australia and is now living in Canada said she has a son with Down syndrome, and that her son is walking on his mother’s side.

“My husband has a black son and he walks on his mum’s side every day,” she said.

“It’s great for him.

It’s so nice.

I can’t believe it.””

It is amazing,” she added.

The baby, who is named Dwayne, was born at the University of Queensland in December.

“We just started walking on my mother’s behalf, so it’s great.

I’m glad we’re doing it.

It was great for me.”

She said the baby’s mother, who works in the construction industry, was very helpful, and the baby had an easy time being with his mom.

“He can get on the mat, he can jump on the sofa, he knows where his toys are, he’s always smiling and talking,” she told the ABC.

“But he’s not really looking forward to walking on her,” she continued.

“And she loves him so much, so she’s really happy about it.”

The mother has two other children who are black, with Down Syndrome.

The mother told the broadcaster she has “no idea” how many children there are with Down’s syndrome.

“I’ve been in Australia for the past eight years and I’ve never had a black child,” she explained.

“When I first moved here I was in shock because it’s like this big, big black community, and you know, black people are always talking about, ‘Oh my God, this is Black America.'”

But I’m really proud of my son.

He’s doing great and we’re happy to be here.

“The first time I saw him walking on the floor, I was so happy.

I was just crying.

It just goes to show, people like me are still here.”

She is now in her mid-20s, but hopes to find a home for her baby.

“So many people are so supportive and they’re all doing their best to help,” she concluded.

“If we can all get through this, I know that this is just a little baby boy and we can do this together.”

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