New baby seal found in Queensland’s waters

A baby seal was discovered in Queensland waters off Cairns, but officials are now trying to determine whether it is a baby seal or a seal that has come ashore on the island.

Key points:The new seal was caught in a remote area of Cairn BayThe new animal was spotted on the northern shores of the islandThe seal was found on the Northern Territory coast on the southern shore of the CairnedgeSea turtle, called a cottontail, was once widespread on the Southern HemisphereBut the new animal found in the Southern Highlands of Queensland was only found in a few spots around Cairnes Bay.

“We do know that we do have a number of young seals in the southern region of the Southern Ocean,” Cairna de Jong, regional manager for the Northern Sea Turtle Association, said.

“These seals are found in this area and it’s very unusual.”

They are not known to live in the area but we’re looking for any signs of this.

“She said the seals could be the first found in Australia.”

I can’t tell you that we haven’t found them in other areas, but we’ve never found one before in this particular area.

“The seal is believed to have come ashore in a relatively remote area off the northern coast of Cirences Cove on Friday.

It was caught by a local fisherman off the southern coast of the South Island, about 150 kilometres from CairNS.”

He saw the seal and he brought it ashore in his boat and was able to see the seal,” Mr de Jong said.

The seal will be placed on display at the Northern Zoo on Sunday.

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