Trump to unveil baby stroller at inauguration

Donald Trump will unveil his first baby stalker at the inauguration, a move that could boost his popularity among the country’s most devoted fans.

Trump is expected to introduce a baby strolling stroller for his inauguration, the White House said Tuesday.

The president is set to unveil the stroller, which has an interactive display that can be controlled by the president or the public.

The stroller has been custom-designed to resemble a stroller in the White Tower, which is where Trump, his wife Melania and their infant son, Barron, are being sworn in.

The stroller is a “proudly patriotic project of the White Stroller Company,” according to the White house.

Trump is expected at his swearing-in on Jan. 20 to announce that the strollers have been ordered to be delivered to the Capitol.

The White House is also considering using baby stowers as part of a “baby shower” on the day of Trump’s swearing-ins, a spokesperson for the White Houses press office told CNN.

The announcement comes just weeks after Trump faced a backlash for announcing a baby’s arrival by tweeting “Happy Birthday to my little baby girl, Barron Trump.”

“I am happy to announce my first baby,” Trump tweeted.

“We are going to have the biggest celebration in history, the biggest parade in history.

And we’re going to see a baby!”

He also tweeted that he is “praised to be bringing my family and I back to the United States.”

Trump is scheduled to deliver a speech to the American Legion convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

The speech is the last of two events Trump will hold before taking office.