Woman is jailed for causing baby cat’s death by ‘dangling her body under the car window’

A woman has been jailed for two years for causing the death of her newborn baby cat by “dangling it under the window of a car”.

A court heard a woman called the animal’s vet after it went into a ventilator and a vet confirmed the cat was suffering from a bacterial infection.

The woman had given birth to her daughter earlier in February and was trying to give birth to a third child.

Prosecutor Michael Mazzucato told the court that on the morning of February 19, a woman was returning home to her home in the suburb of Colle, near Naples, after attending a wedding reception.

She had called a vet because her cat had a fever and was showing signs of infection.

“She was having difficulty breathing and seemed to be having difficulty getting to her feet,” Mr Mazzuccato said.

“She then called the police and called the ambulance.

When the ambulance arrived, the ambulance driver noticed a cat on the ground and the vet came over to the vehicle to examine it.”

He said that the vet had noticed a number of red and white dots on the animal and it had been found to be suffering from an infection.

He said the vet examined the cat and discovered the cat had been hanging on to a plastic sheet.

“The vet had to put the cat down in order to be able to put him down,” he said.

“It’s difficult to say what the circumstances of the death were, but he said it was quite painful and painful to the point where it had caused the cat significant pain.”

Mr Mazzucci said the woman had been arrested on February 24 after a police officer spotted her with the cat.

He was charged with aggravated cruelty and causing death by dangerous procedure.