Why did the ice age kill millions? | Vice News

Vice News readers voted in a poll to ask whether the ice era was the worst of all time or the best.

Read moreA majority of readers (59%) voted for the worst ice age, and another 42% said the ice time was the best for humanity.

The poll, conducted by The Gallup Pollster, was conducted June 3 through June 6.

In the poll, nearly half of respondents (49%) said the Earth is now living in a climate of permanent drought.

Only 23% said it is living in an era of permanent warming.

The other half (54%) said they thought climate change was real and that it is affecting us.

A majority (58%) of respondents said that humans are destroying nature and are destroying the planet.

Only 10% said that nature is being protected, while 15% said they were not.

Another 52% of respondents called the ice ages an era in which people are too lazy to work, and 28% said this was a factor in their decision to not work.

Forty-five percent of respondents who said they work part-time also said they do not want to work full-time.

Another 28% of the respondents said they believe that the Earth’s climate is changing and they do want to change it.