When baby Yoda says “you’re the only one who knows my secret” it makes you smile and cry…

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NFL.com Staff WriterNew York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was asked on Sunday about his team’s win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and said he’s the only person who knows Yoda’s secret.

The question prompted a laugh from Manning and a smile from team owner John Mara.

“Yoda,” Manning said, laughing.

Mara also laughed.

“No, he’s not,” Mara said.

I know you’re a secret and I’m going. “

I’m going to call you a secret, because I think I know your secret.

I know you’re a secret and I’m going.

But it’s not just the name, it’s the whole vibe of this team.”

Manning’s response to the question came after the Giants’ 17-17 loss.

Manuel has the Giants 4-3 on the season.

Yoda, the “Star Wars” character from the 1977 film, is a fictional character who appears in several films, including the “Return of the Jedi” trilogy.

A few years ago, Manning told ESPN’s Mike & Mike that he’d been told he was Yoda but would not reveal his name because it would be considered offensive to the Catholic Church.

He said the “secret” was his faith.

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