Baby girl, who was born with shaken baby Syndrome, is being praised for her courage

Baby girl is being lauded for her bravery after her mother was shaken by a train, but the girl has not been named.

Apostle Peter Schick has written a book, called Baby Born With Shaken Baby Syndrome, about his daughter, who suffers from the condition.

The book is set in a fictional town called Taunton where the baby is born with a condition known as shaken baby, which causes the baby’s body to be slightly shaken by train noises.

Schick said the book is about how a little girl can find courage and resilience when she is in the company of a child with a different disorder.

“When I read about her, she was completely alone.

She had no friends, no family.

She felt like she was on the outside of society,” he said.”

The other children had a different perspective of the world, and the baby was a little bit like that.

I was very touched by that.”

That was the first book that I read where she is alone and I just feel like a new mother.

“Schick is a former member of the clergy, and now runs the blog and bookshop with his wife and three children.

He said he knew he wanted to do a book about shaken baby because he wanted people to understand that children can be born with the condition and that there are different ways of coping with it.”

It’s a condition that is completely different to all other disorders,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.”

You have to find out the cause of it and what to do about it, and that is really important.

“We just felt that the best way to do that is to tell a story.”

What happens when you are the person with the child with the shaken baby?

That’s a good way to go.

“I think people are often so afraid of speaking about this or talking about it.

That’s not what I want to do, so I want the public to hear about the other side of the story.”

The book has been in development for more than a year, with Schick writing about the experience and his wife as part of the bookshop’s publicity.

“There is this incredible sense of awe when I go to the store and people are sitting there saying, ‘Thank you for writing this book,'” he said, adding that he hoped his book would help raise awareness about the condition in Australia.

“Children are born with different conditions and it’s a bit like having a different kind of disease.

It is a different way of thinking.”

If we want to change people’s minds about it we have to give them something different.

“Schicks said he was encouraged by the positive response to the book and hopes that more children in Australia will see the book.”

People have been saying, that is so nice to see that children are being brave enough to have a book,” he added.”

At the end of the day, I think people need to learn to live in a world where there are other ways to cope.